Confused with CIS/Firewall

I don’t have CIS, I have your Comodo Firewall and received a notice this morning that there was an update.

WOW! What did you guys do?

It took forever to download and install but I have v. Firewall and I see here that is associated with the CIS.

This thing had me tied up for an hour allowing and blocking alerts, and I’m still getting occasional alerts! These alerts obviously were a new learning process for the firewall. Blocking does not work, the programs bug you until you Allow them.

I couldn’t see where the VPN was blocked or allowed by the firewall, but the new Firewall either blocked my VPN somewhere or killed access to it.

I think everything is working now.

I know this app since years, and for that reason I always do a ghost image of my system before any CF update: you’ll save a lot of time to roll back the sys
Just updated from 8.1 to 8.2, the rules were not respected, it continue to ask same alerts also if I already set to “Allowed app” and “remember my answer”, thousands of times.
In 10 minutes I restored my ghost image and disabled CF 8.1 to looking for updates

Take always the max care before any CF nor CIS updates :wink:

Thanks Andy, I’ll try Ghost Image, I do use Windows reset feature already. I just went through another 20-minute period of approving things for the Firewall to allow to run.
I just updated a darn firewall.

You’re welcome.
As a general rule, but it’s a must, anytime you have to do anything with firewalls nor antivirus softwares (by my side I experienced also Nero’s software) do always a system image first, then play as you want with everything in your system.
Normally we like, like in this kind of cases, to help Comodo to improve their software reporting bugs, but is the way they choose silently to involve end users as betatester that not always give the aspected results for them.

Have a nice time mate!