Confused about how to run CLT


Hope it is alright to start a new thread but here it goes.

I’m having trouble understanding how to perform a leak test.
I decided to run it on my Win XP sp3 machine with fresh install (no updtae from CFW4)
it has Avast AV on it with all modules running

I set up CFW as instructed in the Whoop-dee-doo thread on how to acurate results.
When i start CLT.exe, windows immediately says the exe i just clicked could not be located
Comodo then says that it is a Win32.LeakTest virus and that i shoudl clean it up. I saw something about this on the forums so i chose to ignore it once. The message was alerted again and noting happend

D+ logs show me that explorer.exe was trying to create a process clt.exe. Probably denied
When i choose to report it as FP, clt.exe is added to my trusted files and i get a 10/340 score

I do have ‘treat unrecognized files as “blocked”’ in execution control tab. But nothing is said on that setting in the thread on how to run clt.exe

What am i doing wrong? Also i found that c:\windows\syetsm32\dll.dll was added to trusted files.
I must have allowed that to be trusted but i cannot remember. I looked it up and some say dll.dll is comodo’s leak test test dll

First see this:;msg443168#msg443168

To get good results from CLT, disable the Sandbox, run clt.exe and allow it to run when prompted by CIS, but block all further prompts from CIS. You should get 340/340.

Ok, so i should not treat untrusted files as blocked in the execution control tab?

But when i get 340/340, how is it certain that that level of protection is maintained when i enable the sandbox?

Is it so that i can not get an 340/340 without having to answer the allow/deny of comodo?

  1. I have mine set to Untrusted. You probably shouldn’t go past Untrusted if you want programs to run.

  2. Not easy to tell. It’s a trust issue. The current version of CLT needs to be updated to comply with Sandbox testing.

  3. Yes. You have to Block all prompts. This is D+ catching all actions of CLT and asking you what to do. If you allow any, CLT will show vulnerable in that particular test.