Confused about CRD

G’day Guys

As a former Comodo FW user for about 5 years before switching over to Outpost Pro, and don’t bloody smack me for not using Comodo (:SHY) (:TNG)

While I was cleaning up a friend of mind his computer wasn’t too bad and thank goodness to CRD combined with CCE, as I love CCE as my holy grail to save someone hairy bare backside from virus etc etc without booting into windows from CRD.

Okay question as I’m trying to understand why?

  1. When you’re internet is online while booting into CRD as CCE automatically download the latest AV database, why is the scanning take 56mins to complete while some files are scan through online AV-Cloud and some don’t go through the cloud scan in a normal scanning way on/off.

  2. When you’re not online and I’ve download to Comodo AV database to a USB, and then I boot into CRD as I’m not online through the internet and I’ve imported the latest Comodo AV database from the USB through CCE. Why CRD taking 2 (F**KING) hours to complete the scan.

Why can’t CRD improve the scanning time why some people don’t have an internet connection and when some people don’t turn the internet online, when I go and see a friend that need help on PC cleaning when I already download the Comodo AV database to a USB and boot into CRD off line and it taking 2 (F**KING) hours to complete the scan.

I’m sure Comodo does have more room to improved the CRD scan speeding time when some people are off line, and I can a sure you some people don’t won’t to wait that bloody long and beside I don’t have a problem while I’m watching the game of cricket while CRD is scanning. Sometime a friend of mind can be a real pain in the bare hairy arse complaining why it taking so long, it taking me while to try and tell him to shut-up and watch the game of cricket and let Comodo finished the job in peace.

Mmmmm no feedback ???

Bump! still no answer :THNK :THNK :THNK