Conflit Como Anti Virus and Anti Spam

:(After installing Comodo Anti Virus, Comodo Anti Spam stopped filtering messages. Then I unistalled rebooted and installed again Anti Spam, then Anti Virus stopped to scan incoming and outgoing messages, but do other works. Unistalled Anti Spam again and Anti Virus began to scan messages again. It seems that one disable the other. Both softwares are great, but I need them working together. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

Hello and Welcome to the Comodo Support Forums,

Are you getting any error messages, what are your System Specs (OS, RAM, Processor) this info may help us in solving your problem.

No error messages.
OS Windows XP SP2, RAM 512Mb, Processor AMD Athlon XP 1700.
It seems that one bloks the other.


If you disable Comodo Antivirus what happens with the Antispam? What about when you disable the Antispam?

If I disable Anti Virus, Anti Spam don’t start filtering.
That’s because Anti Virus was the last installed. The order of installation determines wich will work.
I think one disable the other when installing.
But disabling one don’t allows the other program to start.
Isn’t there a problem in the .ini file

I’m not sure if its in the .ini file if you reinstalled it, maybe one of the Comodo staff can help you with this.

cvhenke: Sorry you’re facing these issues - we’ll have tech support look at this and see what we can do to help you out. In the future, feel free to send us email at as well (if you haven’t already).

Paulo, as you can see under, Comodo is taking care to solve the problem.
Any way, thank’s


The issue has been forwaded to our developers,
we will be updating you once we get a fix.

Should have any queries donot hesitate to write to us.

Technical Support


Anti Spam and AV Email Scanner is having a technical conflict and we
are working on that. It will take some time to solve this problem.

Technical Support


Your problem is still being investigated by the support team.

They have email you requesting more information.

Garry Bickerton
Head of Global Support and Customer Care Manager