conflicts with Spybot and Ad-Aware

I’m new to comodo community. But I already started to like the program. However, I do have some conflict problems.

I previously have Zonealarm (free version), Spyware Terminator, Spy-bot and Ad-Aware (with Process Watch turned on) and I had no problem.
But after I uninstalled ZA and installed Comodo, I have all kinds of problem getting online. I finally had to turn off Spy-bot and process watch to get Comodo work. Without those two programs, Comodo works beautifully.

Does anyone else have/had the same problem?


Welcome to the Forums! I’m glad you like CPF; sorry you’re having some difficulties.

You should not have any conflict with SpyBot; I use it myself without any troubles. Since Spyware Terminator has a HIPS feature, and SpyBot has Teatimer, and you say you’re running ProcessWatch… do you have all these HIPS-type features running? If so, this may be a part of your problem ~ each of these create “hooks” in your system as part of the monitoring and protection; CPF creates its own hooks to monitor application changes (for potential malware trying to get out…). Sometimes there’s trouble; sometimes not (for example, I was unable to use Prevx1; it didn’t play well with CPF - but for others there’s no problem at all; there are a lot of system variables, including at times the order of installation).

All that said, let’s try this first:

Go to Security/Tasks/Scan for Known Applications (with SpyBot, ProcessWatch, etc turned on as normal). Follow the prompts. Reboot when finished. This may very well take care of it for you.

If that does not resolve your problem, here’s a few questions for you:

When you installed CPF, did you choose the Automatic installation/setup, rather than Manual?

Have you made any changes to the Network Rules which CPF automatically created?

Are you on a LAN, or behind a Router?

Have you searched for any remnants of ZA which may be left on your machine (this sometimes happens, and causes all sorts of weird conflicts)?


Thanks. It worked.
However, I have another question now. After I scanned for known applications, will those applications be allowed to access internet freely by default from now on, or I will still see warnings for the first time they try to get online.

Thanks again.

Great, I’m glad that worked for you. (:CLP)

As far as the applications connecting, you can make sure you have control over all connecting apps by doing the following:

Go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, and uncheck the box, “Do not show any alerts for the applications certified by Comodo.” If you want to see/be informed even more about what’s going on, you can increase the Alert Frequency by adjusting the slider to High or Very High.

Here’s what happens when you run the Apps Wizard: Comodo has a “safelist” (locked up and secured) of applications that have been verified and approved. When CPF does this scan, it’s checking your installed apps against this safelist. If it finds matches, it “pre-approves” those applications. Where I have seen this come into play is primarily with browsers and email clients. Even other applications that it lists as “safe” (like Word), are alerted on if they try to connect (at least for me…). If you go to your Application Monitor, and click on any app listed there; look down at the bottom, to the Details box. The top line is Security Risk: If it says “Safe” it’s on the list; if not, it will say “unknown.”

Hope that helps,