conflicts with IHeart?

I have installed CIS on a Dell laptop with System 8. Prior to this the Iheart app worked with no issues. Now, when I try to launch IHeart, it starts to initialize and then just hangs for as long as I am willing to let it try to launch (almost 3 hours one time!).

I have tried to go into the firewall settings and tell it to allow the app to connect to the internet, but to this point I have been unable to find the actual .exe for Iheart.

This question is 3 parted, first, could the CIS firewall be responsible for Iheart no longer connecting; secondly, does anyone know where the Iheart program resides on my hard drive; thirdly am I completely wrong and can anyone point me in the right direction.


cjwalker, you could try starting the app, then going to application rules in the advanced settings, and attempt to create an application rule from the (running processes) tab.