Conflicts or just me?

Hi, I’m new to this site, so I hope that this post is in the right place.

I was using AVG but seemed to have a conflict, which is known. I uninstalled it and used Comodo AV & firewall.

I use a seperate WLAN & LAN ADSL router so a firewall is a bit of a pain, and I have disabled its network function as it prevented printing to my remote printer server PC. There are a total of 4 PCs on my home network, 1 main PC, my development PC for software, a laptop and an old machine used as a printer server. All except the first use the WLAN feature of the router, whilst the first is hard wired to a LAN port. My ISP is talktalk (UK)

After an XP upgrade a couple of weeks ago, my local Epson 1290 (on this machine’s USB port) refused to print, and I was unable to access Epson UK downloads site to download new drivers. Other PCs on my network could (those not using Comodo). It seems that the .exe files are the problem as I could get into the actual site, just not the driver downloads pages.

Is this an intended thing with CAV? Is there any way around the issue?

The firewall did strange things to my network and I had to change permissions to allow traffic through. I did try disabling it fully, but still could not connect to the drivers at Epson.

Other than that, it seems very good, very easy to use / install.

I did put it on an older HP Omnibook and that slowed to a crawl, but my home PC seems fine, other than a slightly slower boot time. (V)

By the way, I use Free Download Manager as DAP 8 carries so many ads, and FDM seems to report that this program is virus-laden. (It also says that about some MS updates). There are several notes added saying that it is virus free from users, but maybe you can check it out. Such reports can put people off of using a program. The website is:

If you define a zone that covers your local LAN and set that zone as trusted, you should have no problems sharing resources across your LAN. These options are under SECURITY - TASKS. when you define a zone make sure that the IP adresses of your routers are included in this range.

Defining a zoneand setting it astrustedwillautomatically create rules thatwill allow the Comodo PC to access the net without interruption.

Try this and let us know if it fixes the issue.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

… and the Zone Definitions are apart of CPF, not CAV