Conflicting security apps?

I’ve noticed that my computer runs a lot faster when I close down most or all of my security apps, so I was wondering if any of them are conflicting. I’m running CPF, Threatfire, Symantec Antivirus, Windows Defender for realtime, and then I have Spyware Blaster, AdAware and AVG Antispyware.

I’ve been thinking about changing stuff around…

  1. I’ve seen some discussions here saying how you don’t need Threatfire if you’ve got Defense+ running. (Side note: Does that mean I don’t need real-time spyware protection if I have Defense+?)
  2. Symantec is a resource hog, I’m only using it because I get it free from school. Thinking about switching to AVG, Avast or Avira.
  3. It seems most people think Windows Defender is useless. So maybe I should just get rid of it.
  4. AVG Antispyware has been given me an error lately and a clean install didn’t fix it, and I’m not sure how it compares to other apps out there. (I’ve tried Spyware Terminator and Spybod before.)

Anyone have commnets/suggestions?


ehm, let me put my glasses on

  1. threatfire & Defense+ are similar(behavioral/heuristic malware protection) you don’t need them to run at the same time. but you can still keep your AS

  2. so ??? ;D use antivir8 FREE + AS. or just Avast 4.8 (avast has spyware protection) :-TU

  3. i guess so ;D i’m currently using CFP3, avast 4.8,CMF (comodo memory firewall),spyware blaster

  4. i read somewhere that AVG AS is not free anymore. try BOClean :-TU :-TU

LMAO ganda that was the same thing i was going to suggest and maybe suggest superantispy as a back up.

Thanks for the tips!

I think I will get rid of Threatfire and Windows Defender for sure.

And yes, I just read that AVG AS is not free anymore, so no more updates. So I’m getting rid of that. I downloaded Super Antispyware. I tried BOClean before, but didn’t really like it. Maybe I’ll give it another go.

Haven’t decided between Avira and Avast yet.

Thanks again!

:frowning: we have rule againts plagiarism >:( you’re lucky i didn’t suggest to do some rain dance & voodoo spell :slight_smile:

oh boy,here we go again. 88) (:TNG)
if you want an all in one AV (antivirus & antispyware) ==> avast 4.8 or Avira 8 Premium
AV only ==> Avira 8 FREE

lol…no I don’t want to start another one of those…
I’m gonna try Avast. The less programs to run the better!

I also hate having too much Security Apps.

I am currently happy with Avira Premium & CFP 3. 6 months FREE with Avira Premium.


We have the same set up. I also use Sandboxie when needed.

:■■■■ 8) ;D


Here is: CFP 3, Kaspersky IS 7(without PD and web AV), CMF, WOT, AdMuncher (chewing cow/ox/bull ???)

Note: I run without resident KIS for some time, to see real power of D+ (it seems I will ditch AV/AS altogether)

Very happy and really light :BNC

I wouldn’t ditch AV If I were you, You need it.


I will almost certainly remove resident protection, Im looking now for some free stand-alone scanners (only) for some weekly scanning.
I found: Dr.Web CureIt! and AVPTool from Kaspersky but it doesn’t update itself within app. itself, need to be redownloaded to pick up new defs.

Somebody knows some other scanners?

Dr Web Curit is good. I find KAV very heavy. Avira Premium is very light. BTW you still need an av. Comodo can stop infections but you still need and av to get rid of them, Thats why resident scanners work great to catch things in the act rather then on demand.

Hmmm, what is wrong with simple Shift+Delete or even putting malware in “My Quarantined Files”, if d+ doing its job or OnDemand catching something in Temp. folders or elsewhere inactive?
BTW resident scanners are heavy, always running ballast which are unneeded by side of d+.
D+ was also always be able to do the same job like classic AV/AS and even more, here on my PC.

I highly disagree with you sal about heavinesses. Using Avira Premium 8 since it came out and I don’t eve know its there even when I am gaming.

Avira AntiVir Rescue System, Download Security Software for Windows, Mac, Android & iOS | Avira Antivirus, creates a bootable CD. You do need to recreate the CD each time you want to update the definitions, if I recall correctly.

I agree with this statement. I strongly prefer to not allow malware to execute at all, and that’s why resident anti-malware scanners are a good idea IMHO, even if you are using Comodo Firewall 3. However, if the resident anti-malware scanner(s) don’t catch the malware, then Comodo Firewall 3 is there to try to prevent/limit damage. At the very least, Comodo Firewall 3 could perhaps give an indication that malware was indeed run, which might prompt me to restore a recent system backup to make sure that no crud/damage remains.

Hi anselina :slight_smile:

A few tips :

  • When you want to get rid of Symantec software, deinstall it the normal way and use the Norton Removal Tool afterwards :

  • Choose a free AV solution you like. Personaly I would choose between AntiVir ( better virus detection ) and Avast! ( added spyware detection and complete product ).

  • Keep SpywareBlaster, it uses no resources.

  • Add BOClean, it can save you when you make a wrong decision with Defence + .

  • Considder MBAM as a replacement of AVG AS. It’s a very prommising AS that is being used on several spyware removal forums as well :

Greetz, Red.

Thanks for links and advises, MrBrian and Vettetech.
Also thank to Luketan for castlecops link in my PM (I almost forget to check there)