my comodo internet security 2012 pro 5.10 is conflicting with my malwarebytes pro.on thier forum mbam has told me to make certain excemptions.i have done most but in defence plus they say click on my trusted vendors and click add,but i cant find such a tag.any help please

Open up CIS and click the Defense+ tab, then Computer Security Policy and there will be a tab named Trusted Software Vendors. Click Add to the right and locate any executable file in the folder for MBAM Pro.

thank you,i knew it was in there but just couldnt remember where. :-TU

Please add the CIS installation folder to the MBAM exclusions list and MBAM installation folder to the AV exclusions of CIS.

have done the exceptions both ways.still cant access sheduled settings in mbam.spoken to mbam who are looking into it from there side,but they think comodo might be blocking something ???

I have seen a user reporting a conflict between CIS and MBAM Pro.

There is another thing you can try. Add the complete MBAM installation folder to the Exclusions of shellcode injections.

Other than that we are looking at a compatibility issue.Does have MBAM Pro some sort of HIPS or is it purely a signature based security program?

done that m8,still no to the workings of mbam,dont know just that it works well at picking up what your av misses,usually with no conflicts

In general we advice not to run two security programs of the same kind residentially at the same time:
only one signature based solution (AV)
only one HIPS
only one behaviour blocker
only one firewall

With two security programs of the same kind, in your case CIS with AV active and MBAM with AV active, conflicts may arise as you are noticing.