Conflict with Tenerbril SpyCatcher?

I am using Comodo Personal Firewall. Few days back I installed Tenerbril SpyCatcher and now I receive following error mressages. I uninstalled and reinstalled Comodo firewall again and same errors. I am almost sure there is a conflict between the two. Can anybody confirm it and is there a way around this issue?

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You are correct…I noticed weeks ago…reported to support with no answer. By default, I
found that a reinstallation of my operating system putting on comodo firewell removed the
exes. errors. However, when I reinstalled Tenebril Spycatcher, I started getting the error
messages again.
My suggestion is to bring up the firewall alone from startup along with its launchpad and to
bring up the program without using its launch pad and I get no errors messages. This is my
soluntion until support comes out with the necessary fixes so both softwares can get along.

As you know, this great free personal firewall is a new version with already a 2.2 update. They will, like xp, have new updates coming out. I hope they deal with this issue shortly.

In meantime, one can always uninstall Tenebril SpyCatcher. It is just above average and good free
ones are available by looking at reviews on pc world or

I use it only for online protection. I have several others to help out.


I do think there is a conflict. My problem is described under the post “Error when closing program” by peter71.

Thanks for the reply.
Can u explain it a bit. I am unable to understand, sorry.

I had the same problem with tenebril…which I also posted because I did not see this one. I switched to spyware terminator (…which I have been very impressed with. It uses the clamav definitions along with its own spyware definitions in the real time protection and scans. I don’t know how effective the spyware definitions are, but it has automatic updates regularly. And of course, I have both Comodo Firewall and AV installed along side it. No conflicts whatsoever. Hopefully Comodo will get to the point where I don’t need a separate antispyware. I am also running winpatrol 10(free version), spyware blaster 3.5, and cyberhawk. Cyberhawk is something I just found and am looking at. Everything runs together without conflict.

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