Conflict with Teatimer or Spyware Terminator?

Will Boclean conflict with Spybot’s Teatimer? I have relied on that for a long time.

Also, I am considering Spyware Terminator, which seems to be a rising star. Will CBOC conflict with it?

Is all this overkill?

I have

Spybot 1.5 (with teatimer)

I’ve been using Spyware terminator alongside Boclean for sometime now and have had no problems at all.

It won’t conflict with TeaTimer either. Of course, during the install, you need to tell TeaTimer it should allow BOC423.exe to run at boot, but that goes without saying.

Overkill or not, I would say it also depends on how you use your computer and the knowledge you have, since this affects your level of vulnerability!



we had a discussion about teatimer here,8143.0.html, where qwerty had an issue that solved itself :).

Personally, I run Teatimer 1.5 and BOClean in parrallel without any trouble… :BNC


No conflicts that I am aware off. But in my opinion there is no need to use Spyware Terminator’s Realtime Shield and HIPS together with Spybot’s Teatimer.

Greetz, Red.

Yeah, I wondered about Spyware Terminator’s resident shield vs. Teatimer. Which would you use?

I asked this on the Spybot forum (no feedback yet):

How is Boclean different from these resident shields (like Teatimer)?

Thanks! Now I’ve added my second CPF product (Firewall and Boclean). Of course, I won’t know if Boclean works until some nasty pops up, which hopefully isn’t for a while. :slight_smile:

I would try Spyware Terminator’s Realtime Shield and HIPS if I where you. But I would keep Spybot, just switch Teatimer off while testing Spyware Terminator. If you don’t like it you can always go back to Spybot and Teatimer.

Just a tip about the Spyware Terminator installer. There are 2 different installers on the homepage :

Pick the installer WITHOUGHT “Web Security Guard” ( That is the 3.01 MB installer ) because you don’t need it. Although the installer with “Web Security Guard” ( That is the 8.24 MB installer ) gives you a choice on installing, it still installs some register keys if you choose not to install “Web Security Guard”.

Greetz, Red.