conflict with office 2003

Today on my desktop where 2 new icons:

  • Antierror,
  • livePCsupportClient
    now every time i try to open an office 2003 file the folder crash and several minutes later the file open.
    had already happened in the past and i solved with a reset but i can’t reset everytime the pc, please help me solving this problem or i will be foced to remove comodo for another antivirus.

Hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

do you get any pop ups? could you also give a screenshot of your d+ events?

Hi, i haven’t pop ups,
where is my d+events??

CIS Main menu → Defense+ → View Defense+ Events.

Here my d+events, everything seems to be ok, unlocker is a program that i use when i delet file and pc says that file are in use, but explore.exe is using them.

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is CIS your first IS or did you have an other IS/AV before. If you did have an AV or IS then write the name of the product + removal tool.

I had avast and AVG but i removed them, i don’t remeber the tool i used

Hi and welcome asdrubale87,
The above are tied to GeekBuddy, if you suspect they are causing issues you can remove GeekBuddy without harming your Comodo Internet Security.
Remove GeekBuddy from Programs and Features (Add and Remove Programs) in Windows Control Panel.
Information on AntiError