Conflict with internet browser?

Hey , just want to highlight this product really is awesome and easy to use

So heres my problem , i allowed FIREFOX and IE to internet access manually but whenever i try to browse the net it would never load(note that this happens when i start FIREWALL with windows but when i manually closed and restart the program , internet works again)

Any solutions? thanks!

PS:WIN XP / SP2[i ticked all green for both IE and FF]

More info plz. Is this affecting only the browsers, or everything? Show you rules too.

Presumably what you mean when you say that you’ve allowed both FireFox and IE “manually”, you mean that neither one is configured to be the default browser. Is that correct, or do you mean something else?

Also, when you talk about “Firewall with Windows”, do you mean the Windows default firewall or the Comodo firewall? If so, you should disable the Windows firewall. Two firewalls running on the same machine will always interfere which each other.

yes zito both firewalls are running

its working suddenly now >_> ill tweak with it and see whats wrong again
thanks anyways

Disable the Windows default firewall. You’ve got two firewalls running on the same machine: that’s what’s wrong.

While in every other scenario, it is absolutely imperative to only have one firewall, Windows XP FW will not cause any known conflicts with CFP (simply because XP FW does virtually nothing). However, it’s a waste of resources (IMO) to leave it running.


And the question remains, is this specific to browsers, or all programs are affected…