Conflict with Avira Antivir and Comodo Firewall

Are there any know conflicts between Avira Antivir and the Comodo Firewall/ Defense +?

I have installed Comodo last week and now when I try doing a scan with Antivir it is extremely long >3hrs (if it completes at all), much longer than the normal 60-90 min. scan I had previously.

If there is a special way to configure Antivir to run with Comodo please let me know. I run Antivir with the Guard scanner enabled.

Also, I have Malwarebytes Pro installed. The real-time scanner is kept enabled. Is there a special way to configure this with Comodo? Is there a conflict with using these 3 programs or any 2 with Comodo?

I have current issues with getting Comodo installed again, but I have it (comodo) …er … had it ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) on two different computers with Avira and (considering the number of files it was scanning) Avira took about an hour i guess (I hit scan and walked away … not that it takes that long, but when the computer is on and I am not doing anything with it, i may as well let it scan)… i would check the defense+ settings for Avira and set them to “Trusted Application”


You shouldn’t have more than one real-time scanner enabled. I suggest you to disable Malwarebytes’s Anti-Malware Protection component and use it only for on-demand scanning. Do you have any events logged in Defense+ → View Defense+ Events when you’re scanning with Avira?
P.S. Full scanning isn’t needed nowadays; you can occasionaly do a Quick scan with MBAM.