Conflict with APC's desktop monitor?

Hi All,
I am using version 2 of APC’s desktop monitoring tool for their UPS (for XP). I have used the UPS for years without a problem but in September bought a new one. Shortly after getting it, it began to report a communication issue. I am now on my 2nd replacement (third new device) and am still having the problem.

What happens is after a balloon comes up saying it can’t communicate with the UPS, the computer SHUTS OFF, as if I’d pulled out it’s plug, and even though I have an internal battery I am using. This only happens with the USB cable connecting my laptop to the UPS. The USB is connected to its own port on the laptop, not my USB hub.

I am wondering if anyone has seen something like this as well and if it may be that there is too much of a delay with Comodo Firewall permitting the communication. It is identified on my system as a trusted app.


I suppose the best way to find out would be first to completely deactivate CFP, or even uninstall it temporarily and see how your installation behaves after that. Oh before you do that you could also check in the Def+ logs if anything is wrong (blocked). As for the delay that CFP could produce when allowing the application you use to get your laptop communicate with the UPS device, I have serious doubts, But again, you can always try to deactivate or uninstall CFP and post your results here. I’m actually surprised you haven’t tried that before, if you thought CFP could do that ???, and you’ve had to replace the device twice already.