Conflict with Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro?

I recently tried installing Comodo Antivirus. Upon initiating the installation I was warned that the installer had indentified other antivirus software on my computer and that I should uninstall it before proceeding, which was strange because I’d already completely uninstalled my previous antivirus software, Avast Antivirus. I ignored the warning and continued with the installation and on system restart Comodo Antivirus would not load. Interestingly, I also use Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro 3.51 and that also refused to load. The system would just hang and I was forced to do a hard reset. Subsequent restarts made no difference.

I can only conclude that Comodo Antivirus and Outpost Firewall have some sort of compatibility issue. Can anyone confirm that this is the case and when a fix can be expected. I really like Comodo Antivirus and would love to be able to install it.

We will look into this. Compatibility requires a huge amount of field tests that we are carrying out. In the meanwhile why not try our Free Comodo Personal Firewall? It will work with Comodo AV.


I agree with Melih. You must give it a try. It is great (I used to be a fan of outpost too).
CPF is different but really powerfull and with an attractive interface.

Many thanks, Melih.

On further investigation, I discovered that the Comodo AntiVirus and Spyware Service is the source of the problem. When the service attempts to start the entire system becomes extremely sluggish and unresponsive (high CPU usage, perhaps), and the service doesn’t seem to start successfully.