Conflict, errors, time invested, error 106

I’m moving my own post from yesterday since it didn’t get any replies from the 12 viewers nor was it moved to the appropriate folder.

So here’s yesterdays post:

I spent almost 2 hours following the suggestion to research FAQ before posting; one plus hours researching and reading and 30 plus minutes asking my question and making a suggestion or two. Then, as has happened before in similar forums, the session times out, you are not warned and when you hit send you then are informed that the session has timed out and the message is lost after resigning back in.

My first post took so much time because I made a few suggestions that I paused to consider before posting.

I will attempt to write it again off line this time so I can copy and paste it here.

In short here’s what happened yesterday:
A notice to update pops up. I chose to update. ( I’ve done this before several times since installing Comodo) After updating I was informed that there was “a new network” trying to access my network. Since my network is password protected and no one has that password, in fact there is no one in or near my building especially at the hour that I was updating, I chose to deny access thinking that it might be one of those attacks from downstream; places and ways that I really don’t understand nor do I care to learn about them. Comodo is the CIS I’m using for the first time to protect me from those things that I need protection from and know little about except that we all need to take actions to protect our data and personal information. That choice to deny access, denied myself access to the internet and I spent over an hour trying to figure out how and or where I could undo that choice.

My solution was to exit Comodo and use MS firewall so I could do what I needed to do then to access this forum.
So far that one choice to deny " the new network " access has cost me 4 hours attempting to fix the problem…it is still not fixed.

Why not have a one shot “undo” button to reverse a choice with unwanted results?

Just a thought.



PS Can’t post because:
he following error or errors occurred while posting this message:
You must have at least two choices!

I have no idea what that means?


Version: 3.9.95478.509

Computer and OS: HP Laptop Vista 64 ( 3 months old )

Do you remember what the IP address was of the “other” network?

Could it have been something like 169.254.X.X??

Does your network card has a static (fixed) IP address or does it get one from a router by DHCP?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Open CIS>Firewall>Common Tasks>My Blocked Network Zones

Do you see any entry there??? If yes, delete it and try again.

You can review your network policies (programs that have been given internet access) at

CIS>Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy
(If you have problems connecting only a single program, like Firefox, you can review it there)

If you do not wish CIS to automatically detect your network, you can change the settings at :

CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General>Automatically detect new private networks (untick)

Hope this helps.

Sorry Ewen I didn’t write it down.

I’m going to respond to laymans post about what I foind in the places he told me to look if you’re interested.

Thanks for replying!


The My Blocked Network zones had nothing listed. i recall looking in just about every button, tab, place in the CIS panel but either saw nothing at all listed or couldn’t make sense of what was listed.

In the: CIS>Miscellaneous>Settings>General>Automatically detect new private networks (untick) area that you mention I found then what I am finding today: The only RED circle with a black X under Application name Comodo Internet Security : Block and log ALL Unmatching Requests

I haven’t changed anything but today both browsers seem to work even with this rule in Red.

Both CIS and MS firewalls are running and I will turn off the MS firewall after I post this reply to see if anything changes.

Yes, everything seems to be working.

In thinking about the other day there is very little that I can add to what happened. CIS has been turned off until today.

My computers are all connected to a wireless G linksys so after the update and inability to access the net on the new laptop until i switched firewalls, the older laptop which has Skype on it was still running so i can rule out a modem or router failure.

It’s all a mystery.

Do you have a recomendation about the one X’d out item?

And do you think that my suggestion for an “undo” button or command has any value?



Don’t worry. Thats the default blocking rule created by CIS Firewall to ensure that others are not able to attack you. With this setting, you will get alerts for incoming connections (could be little bit annoying sometimes).

I prefer using ‘Stealth Ports’, which stops all incoming connections. CIS-Firewall-Common Tasks-Stealth Ports Wizard (3rd option).

This is more protective than the default entry. If you go for it, you will see four entries 'three allow (green) and one block (red) rule.

Nice to know that your problem is solved.