Conflict Comodo 6 with Bitdefender 2013

My laptop was protected by Bit defender antivirus 2013 and Cis 5 and it works normally.But,after installing Cis 6, I can’t surf internet through Chrome or Firefox .
I found that If I turn on the “Active virus control” option of Bitdefender , I couldn’t surf internet with IE, FF and Chrome, but with opera, else if I turn it off, it become normal again.
Anyone has the same problem as me, please help ! :cry:
Thanks :smiley:

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Do you have Comodo Internet Security or Comodo Firewall installed?

If it is Comodo Internet Security then please change it to Comodo Firewall and see if the problem persists. It is not recommended to have two antiviruses installed on the same system at the same time.

When installing, I choose not to include Comodo Antivirus… I know it would cause some isues if 2 antivirus installed on the same system at the same time.
I’m not even enable HIPS .Just keep the default setting .
It may be some conflict but I don’t understand why…(if I turn off the active virus control option of Bit, everything is ok again) .

Did you try adding all of the Comodo files to the exclusions in Bitdefender and see if that solves the problem?

Do the D+ logs bring new insights? Can you show a screenshot of them?

Does varying the Active Virus Control level make a difference?

I used to run bit defender and logged and old bug report on this in 2639. it is very close to the same symptoms you are having.I am running win 8 x64 though.what are you running win 7? or?;msg642405#msg642405

It’s not exactly the same situation you have but similar.
I am running win 8 x64
With bit defender 2013 just antivirus installed and just comodo firewall installed Firefox Will not Work Period.
It just hangs. But. If you add chrome as a trusted process it should work fine.Internet explorer would work fine and opera would work fine.
there is something with bit defender and the fact that even 2674 final still double sandboxes flash player plugin that hangs firefox and with bitdefender running as well it just doesn’t work.
Try adding your browsers as trusted processes in bitdfender. that’s how i got chrome to work. but never firefox.

That the 1st thing I’ve done,and I do it for both , Comodo and Bit

That’s 1st thing I’ve done :slight_smile:

I keep default option!

It helps much, so much thank you, it’s my problem!

And I realize that, browser which sandboxed by Comodo will get slow performance :frowning:
I didn’t get that issue with Sandboxie , could someone explain me about that?

If you do not mind it would be very helpful if you would make a bug report for this. I understand it was already reported during the Beta, but it would be very helpful to make a fully formatted bug report so the devs know that the bug still exists.

:stuck_out_tongue: It would be great if Mod could move this topic to bug report one .Help me please Mod ;D
I wonder if I need to give more info about my laptop or anything else ?
I’m normal user and I keep the default option for both software, Bit and Comodo, just some changes in adding each others to its exclusion folder.
Thank you.

It would be very helpful if you could create a new post in the bug reporting section. The required format can be found on this page. I know it is a bit of work but the format ensures that the devs will likely have all information they need to replicate and fix the bug.

Thank you.