conflict between Comodo Firewall and Avira antivirus?

I wish to use Comodo Firewall but with the Avira free antivirus.
I used them happily together and I liked them both, but recently I tried to upgrade Comodo to a recent version, and the automatic update didn’t work, so I tried to reinstall. I was told I have to uninstall the older version first. I did. Then even though I chose to install only Comodo Firewall (without the antivirus) The installation program claimed that there is a conflict between Comodo Firewall and Avira Antivir PE, and that I must first uninstall Avira.

I do believe that this is a false claim because, usually antiviruses might conflict, but a standalone antivirus and a standalone firewall should not.

Yet, even tough I choose to install only Comodo Firewall, it claims that I must uninstall Avira antivirus first.

If it is a false demand, than can I circumvent this? Perhaps by uninstalling Avira, then installing Comodo Firewall, and then reinstalling Avira? Or an easier? And if there is a true conflict, then I wish to be sure.

hi ■■■…

this issue is fixed and new release be done early next week.

thank you for your support


Thank you for the fast response. Good to know.

todays date : 6-3-10
todays time : 11:30pm

i just tried to up grade as well today , it would not, and i too use “Avira free antivirus”.
i’m having the very same problem as you , right now , i’m with out a very great firewall.
at this time i’m using the windows firewall.
i’m not getting rid of my “Avira free antivirus”, its a great product.

i want comodo firewall, i hope you fix this soon,

todays date : 6-3-10
todays time : 11:30pm

i too thank you , Melih

Oh, yearn for it! Thanks!

todays date( 6-4-10 )
todays time ( 7:01am )

just so every one knows, the comodo installer(free version) is not fixed yet.
they have not fixed the bug yet in the free comodo installer yet.
i just downloaded it again today and its the same installer with the bug(glitch).

Because it’s not early next week yet. 88)


pls download the latest version from our website…problem fixed :slight_smile:


i’m sorry, ok, thanks Melih

Hallo, i have the same problem of ■■■ also with the CIS 4 issue of 9 june.
I don’t want uninistall Avira P. free
How can i do?
Thanks for your support


The newest version of CIS has been released. Although you can’t upgrade straight from V4, yet, I 'd recommend installing V5.

Hopefully your problem is solved with the new version. If not then post again after you are running V5.

I’ll try to install V5 as soon as possible.
I hope the problem is fixed.

Thank tou for your help