Conflict between Comodo firewall and Avast AV ???

after upgrading to Comodo 5 my boot time takes double longer. I noticed that when deinstalling Comodo the boot time is normal again.
Additionally I think thet Comodo causes disabling of Avast AV… I mean Avast starts but it is disabled (red cross in the tray symbol)

Can someone also confirm this?

Win 7 x64 with Avast 5 free here, boots perfectly fine in my computer.
What’s your AV version?

Avast 5.0.677, the latest.

Are you still using avast 4.8? Why?
avast av is compatible with CIS 5 (without the antivirus, not-installed, as disable is not enough).

I wrote I have the latest Avast version 5.
Where do you read that I have Avast 4.8 ???

Are you running both Comodo AV and Avast?

Typical avast 4.8 installation.
Version 5 of avast does not have a red cross as a signal but an yellow exclamation point.

Not entirely true. The exclamation mark is there if one of the shields gets disabled. I’ve seen Avast 5 give a red cross as well, which usually means it’s not installed properly and one can solve that by using the repair function. Point is, it can give a red cross.

I would suggest to the OP, to deïnstall both, then first install Comodo (without the AV feature) and then after a reboot Avast5. That should do the trick to solve it.

Ok, I believe you… I’ve used avast in last 8 years, and avast 5 since the first beta… Never saw a red cross in the version 5… But, if you say so, it will be there when I have problems I suppose.

Avast and Comodo Firewal only.

No, there is red cross for sure… and it means that Avast is disabeld. Opening the GUI thete is a button FIX IT which activates all shields.

That’s exactly as I stated. ;D

I uninstalled Comodo V5 since it wouldn’t initialize and also stalled my computer on start up. I use Avast and Windows XP. Will there be an update soon to address these and other issues such as the confusing red logo? I liked Comodo V4 and I think V5, from what I could see of it, was a big step in the wrong direction.