Conflict between Comodo CIS v 5.3 and FM2011 Game (help needed)

I did a clean install from v5 to CIS 5.3 yesterday and have had no problems at all with my regular PC usage until tonight when my PC locked up while playing a game of football. When I rebooted and checked the Event Viewer I found the following.

Event ID 11 System Wininit Custom dynamic link libraries are being loaded for every application. The system admin should review the list of libraries to ensure they are related to trusted applications.
I did a check on Google and got some advice on how to find what was causing it and found that it was the "guard32.dll" which was involved which is Comodo.

I have the soccer game FM2011 installed on my Windows 7 Home Premium OS PC and haven’t set any specific rule for it with v5. I was in the middle of an actual game when the system crashed and I am thinking that somehow the game and Comodo got a problem and caused the lock up and the need for a reboot. Could someone tell me what rule or permissions I should have in Comodo CIS v5.3 in regard to a game?.

guard32.dll and guard64.dll are related to defense+. I would like to know if you tried to add it in d+ rules and see if helps? I also recommend you to add it in application rules in case you get problem when you try to play online.

I will inform myself about the game so that I see what I can find out :slight_smile:

Take care and have a nice day.

Valentin N

Thanks for the reply Valentin N, I have added it to the trusted application files in both Firewall and Def+. Will see how it pans out from there.

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

I wish you happy gaming and do you best :slight_smile:

Valentin N

I opened up the Event Viewer again this morning just to see if there were any more warnings, (there weren’t) but looked at the one from yesterday detailing the crash again and got the details of the event id above which stated.

  • System
  • Event Data
    String Count 1
    String: C:\Windows\system32\guard64.dll

try to put it in training mode and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help try to at the complete folder in the exclusions of detect shellcode injections (this how you do it: CIS —> Defense+ —> Defense+ Settings —> Execution control Settings —> Detect shellcode injections (i.e. Buffer overflow protection) —> Exclusions —> Add —> Browse…)

if nothing help it would be good to make bug report.

Valentin N

The guard32.dll and guard 64.dll are related to Defense + only.

Moving it to the D+ board.

Thanks for correct me regarding guard32/64.dll. I will change my post regarding guard 32

And I am sorry for the misleading information bluesjunior.

I don’t want to sound ignorant but I think you should reinstall CIS 5.3 by uninstalling it, after uninstalling it use CIS clean up tool and install CIS 5.3 again.

(I don’t know what knowledge you have and I want therefore to give as detailed to help you :))

Take care

Valentin N