Conflict Antivirus Comodo with preEmpt software

Please help me, I try Antivirus Comodo but That antivirus conflict with preEmpt software. Every I boot my computer, my computer will be crash. In my computer installed :
Comodo antivirus, Comodo verification engine, Comodo Firewall and BO Clean ver 4.25

Thankyou for your attention.

Looking at the description for preEmpt it is likely there would be a clash with the HIPS function of CAVS. Have you tried disabling HIPS in CAVS settings to see if this improves things?


If you can’t get into the computer by booting; try booting in SafeMode. You may be able to open CAVS’ GUI and disable HIPS. If not, you can remove CAVS’ Startup entry from MSCONFIG (I believe it should be CMain) and reboot normally.

Then once you’re in Windows, open CAVS’ GUI and disable HIPS. Then re-check the Startup entry in MSCONFIG.