Confirmed conflict of software

I bought a new somputer a HP HDX–16 1200eo and became a first time user of Comodo Internet Security and I have to say that I was quite happy with how it operated. I didn’t like HP because the Blue Ray DVD player didn’t work. >:( It did when I tried the computer in the store. So I’ve been in constant contact with them and yelling at them over their crappy product. I was a real pain.

It wasn’t until I did a complete system restore to the original factory settings that the Blue Ray player began to work again.

So I decided to test what I might have done to the computer that made that break. So I installed, of course, first the firewall/anti-virus. To be able to get online safely to do updates of the installed softwares. After I installed Comodo and I inserted the Blue Ray DVD, it didn’t work. I was like ??? this can’t be happening. So I uninstalled Comodo and behold it worked again. :o

Now I felt like a jerk for hasseling HP about what I thought about their computers for 5 days. As it wasn’t it that didn’t work it was Comodo that wasn’t compatible. So I’m posting this here to alert those who like me own a HP HDX-16 1200eo and is experiencing the same problem as I have been. Instead of spending 40 hours with HP support now you would know what is causing the problem.

I also post this here in hope for a solution for this problem in the Comodo software. As I now have been forced to pick two other softwares that I really don’t want, to do the same thing as Comodo did.

Hello ZebV,

Sorry to hear that you had to spent so much lost time over this.
What you can try to do is the following, install CIS normally, reboot, update AV database and after all is finished, disconnect from the network, set AV to disabled, set FW to disable, set D+ to disabled and reboot.

Now try again to see if BR won’t play ?
If it does not there is one more thing to test and that’s in D+ Settings, “Disable permanently” and reboot again

If it’s still not fixed then there is a bug here, if it does work it’s possible that some process got blocked for some reason, what do you use to Play those BR movies with ?

I’m quite sure that his BD-player is PowerDVD8 or 9 and in that case he need to add it to image execution control exclusion list or alternatively disable buffer overflow protection or disable D+ completely. Restart might be necessary after disabling buffer overflow protection or adding it to exclusion list, same goes to disabling D+.

Hi Anarion,

Thanks for that, didn’t know that, was this reported being incompatible before ?

Yup, this incompatibility has been around for quite some time now and never fixed. As far as I know this has been all the time.

Can you please post that in the CIS 3.10 bug thread, so maybe it get’s fixed for version 4.0 ?

I understood and tested all the things Ronny suggested. Those didn’t work.

I'm quite sure that his BD-player is PowerDVD8 or 9 and in that case he need to [b]add it to image execution control exclusion list [/b] or alternatively[b] disable buffer overflow protection [/b] or [b]disable D+ completely.[/b] Restart might be necessary after disabling buffer overflow protection or adding it to exclusion list, same goes to disabling D+.

As for Anarion’s suggestions I don’t understand them. I should do what?

Hello Zebv,

You can find “Image Execution Control” under Defense+, Advanced, Image Execution Control, check Detect Shell Code Injections, and press the Exclusion button, now add the executable from your Player there and apply. See if that helps.

You can also try to disable Shell Code Injection detection to see if that helps.

Or use the Defense+, Advanced, Defense+ Settings, Deactivate Defense+ Permanently
And the restart to see if that helps (but you have tried this right ?)

Thank you for helping me Ronny.

Sadly nothing you’ve said has helped me though. I’ve tried all your suggestions to no avail.

So far the only thing that does the trick and make my Blue Ray working again is to uninstall Comodo.


Ok, I’ve tried doing them all at once and now it works. So I tried turning them on one by one and AV and FW can be on and it is still working. Question is about the Defense+. It is checked that it is disabled, so iif I change the slider to… “Safe Mode” it will still be disabled? If the disable (restart) is checked?

I haven’t dared to try and restart the computer with these settings.

If Defense+ is disabled “permanently” then the setting of that slider does not matter.

If setting Defense+ slider to Disabled, and re-enabling the permanently disabled makes your BR Player unusable then there is something wrong with D+

Can you please post the Exact version of that Blue Ray Player Being Hardware and Software versions ?

I’ve tried that and the BR stops working when it is enabled.

My hardware is: HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CT10L ATA Device
Software: HPDVDSmart.exe (v.
DVDAgent.exe (v-
VMPlayer.exe (v. 11.0.6001.7000)

I hope that is enough. If not let me know, and then please specify exactly what I need to find and how.

Hello Zebv,

Can you please post a detailed bug report here: