Configuring rules for Connectify


Need help configuring firewall rules for Connectify.
My other pc is able to connect to Connectify wifi on my laptop when Comodo Firewall is fully ‘disabled’
But if I switch it back to ‘Safe Mode’, the pc wont connect anymore.
So I suspect it must be the rules that need to be configured.
Can someone help me on this?

Here is what I found on Connectify website regarding firewall problem.

Connectify will attempt to configure the Windows Firewall to give your the best experience possible. Sometimes, these changes don't quite work. And if you are running any non-Microsoft firewall security software, Connectify won't configure these to allow full use of Connectify.

Below are some configurations that must be done to your firewall software in order for Connectify to be fully functional.

Open Ports
UPnP - 1900 (UDP), 2869 (TCP), 5000 (TCP)
DHCP - 67 (UDP), 68 (UDP), 1317 (UDP)
DNS - 53 (UDP), 1303 (UDP)

In addition to these, if your firewall software has any settings involving Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), enable support for these.

Some firewalls may require full network access be granted to Connectifyd.exe in order for Connectify to function properly.

Hopefully someone will help me about this.
Thanks in advance.


Have you tried
CIS > Firewall > Stealth Port Wizards > (Top Options ; Define a new trusted network) > Select Network (Choose Which ever you created) > Apply > Ok

If you forgot what you renamed the network
CIS > firewall > network security policy > network zone > (Start > Run > Cmd > ipconfig > IP Address on the result of this command should be listed in the network zone and where ever the IP is located on the network zones should be in a group)

Does this work?


I am not so sure which network to choose since I got no request window to add new network.

Now I can see in Connectify ‘Connected Clients’ section that my PC is connected.

But the wireless status on that PC is showing ‘Limited or no connectivity’.

Looks to me there is no connection since I could not open any webpage in the browser.


i have created a new ‘Network Zone’ named ‘Connectify’.

and i manually added my PC mac address under ‘Connectify’ network zone.

finally my PC can fully connected to internet thru Connectify wifi from my laptop.

i have another question regarding this procedure.

what if i want to allow any devices to connect thru Connectify wifi without manually add them one by one under ‘Connectify’ network zone created earlier?

You would use a IP Range aKa 192.168.01 thru 192.168.20 etc etc

Hope this helps and I’m glad you can connect to the wifi :smiley:


thanks for helping me out Jake. O0

Your Welcome;

Anything else i can help with? or any other questions you may have


I still have a problem with connectify.

My network:
PC cable internet → connectify → wifi → laptop with ubuntu linux

I can connect to WiFi with the FW on Safe mode but I’m not able to browse the I. As soon as I disable FW, browsing becomes possible. Like in 2 seconds without any reconnecting or anything.

Here’s a shot:

Server:  UnKnown

*** UnKnown can't find No response from server

Server:  UnKnown

*** UnKnown can't find No response from server

Anyone? Not-so-elegant solution will do. Anything other than disabling the FW completely.

It’s been a while so I hope someone finally figured this one out. There is also a new version of Connectify. Still, I can connect, can’t browse internet with firewall running. I tried opening the ports, adding trusted network zones, MAC addresses… nothing. I’m trying to connect to my laptop with my android phone and kindle. ???


I tried installing the latest beta and received this notification. Sadly, there seems to be a problem that prevents Connectify to function properly while Comodo firewall is running. :cry:

Is there any Connectify alternative that works with Comodo?

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I think you should rather look for Comodo alternative.

OK, now I get the connectify working without fully disabling the COMODO. It’s simple.

  1. Right Click on network icon and go to network and sharing centre.
  2. U’ll C at least 2 adapters connected. One will be your connection to internet and the other is U’r sharing with connectify. This is usually named as Wireless Network Connection 2 or Microsoft Virtual Wifi or Connectify Network, etc…
  3. Open status dialog box by clicking the adapter
  4. Go to Properties
  5. Simply Uncheck COMODO Internet Security Firewall Driver
  6. Press OK

And we are done.

By this U’r firewall isn’t completely disabled for the whole internet access but for the connectify network.
Hope it works for Ya.

Here are some screen shots.

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Official - Connectify blames Comodo

Conflict Detection, Part 1: It has become clear that most of the “bugs” that users have reported on Connectify 3.0 are actually other badly behaving software interfering with the operation of Connectify. For the two most egregious offenders, SonicWALL VPN and Comodo Firewall, Connectify now refuses to even install while they are on your system.

You’ve only disabled the firewall. Then your computer is vulnerable to anything connecting through connectify.

You can configure Comodo to work with Connectify, and without turning the firewall off for the Connectify network. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Define a new network zone called “Connectify Network” and add an address range of to (substitute whatever IP address range Connectify selects for you).

  2. Add a global rule to allow in/out to “Connectify Network” from “Connectify Network” for IP any.

  3. Add an application rule for the System application to allow in/out to “Connectify Network” from “Connectify Network” for IP any.

  4. Add an application rule for Connectifyd.exe and set it as a trusted application.

  5. Add an application rule for Connectify.exe and set it as outgoing only.

  6. Define a new port set called “ConnectifyNetServices Ports” and add ports 67, 68, 1317, 53 and 1303 to it.

  7. Add an application rule for ConnectifyNetServices.exe and allow UDP in/out from MAC any to MAC any where source port is in ConnectifyNetServices Ports and destination port is in ConnectifyNetServices Ports.

Note that if the client PC (the one connecting to the Connectify hotspot) also runs Comodo you need to do steps 1 to 3 on that machine too.

This works perfectly and is a secure as it can be made. It is based on the information from the Connectify knowledge base entry on “firewall rules”.

Tony C.

I was following “ubuysa” step-by-step backwards. I saw that Connectify used port 5544, added that and then the laptop immediately got Internet.

Thankyou “ubuysa”

it seems pretty trivial, in case u forgot, u gotta enable Internet Connection Sharing at the Wireless Network Connection (or any connection which has internet) to the Wireless Network Connection 2 (which is Connectify).

just realized this after I followed the ubuysa steps.

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Hello all,

I followed the instructions Ubuysa posted to the letter (thanks, by the way!)… unfortunately, I still have to disable the firewall to get my device to connect to the connectify network. Once connectify makes the connection, I can re-enable the firewall and have internet on my device without a problem. With the firewall running and the device disconnected, connectify does not make the connection.

EDIT: I should also make it know that if my device goes to sleep while connected and I wake it up, the connection is maintained, so the firewall only needs to be disabled for the initial connection.

Would anyone know how to fix this?


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