Configuring router[RESOLVED]

I need some help configuring my router security. IDK where to start.

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Looks pretty simple to configure. What about “advanced” and "system monitoring?

this is why i was failing the shields up test. should i uncheck it?

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after unchecking box i get this:


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On most routers you will find a respond to ping from WAN setting.Take it step at a time and allways write down what settings you have changed.


Sounds like you are all set up. Should be mark this thread as “resolved” or do you have other questions?

what do you think i should do with the firewall. put it on high or keep it on medium? (the hardware firewall)

High looks fine,it seems to cover most needed things,give it a go you can allways change it back if there is a problem.


Give high a try and see how it works for you. Medium should be fine, though, since you already have the firewall policy set to reject inbound plus use CFP to control the outbound traffic. What does the manual say? It looks like if you set it to high you might only be able to use the outbound ports built into the router for these specific functions, and they often don’t cover all the ports actually used in practice for things like time synch, secure email, alternate http, … Or are the actual tcp/ip ports allowed as destinations configurable somewhere?

i set it to high. i’ll see how it goes. :THNK

nope. if the firewall is on “high” i can’t log into Xbox Live on my Xbox 360. if i put it back to “medium” it works fine.