Configuring Network & Sharing Settings


Just installed Comodo Pro v3 on Vista, I would like to change the settings in the Network & Sharing Centre as the "File Sharing " is ON, but I would like it off.

I can’t change the setting as a message appears “You can use your firewall program to change this setting”.

Any help in locating this setting in Comodo to change the “File Sharing” to off would be greatly appreciated.


Hi bdzlr, welcome to the forums.

From what I understand of Vista’s File Sharing (looked for another user recently) it is a bit strange. Apparently if you have a 3rd party firewall running (like CFP), then Vista assumes that it will control file sharing (which it does… just not a way you’re probably used to). If we’re talking about something other than a LAN (Local Area Network), then CFP (by default) does not allow file sharing. The ports that Windows uses for file sharing are closed (stealthed) & would need to specifically opened in CFP to allow it (which, I assume, you haven’t done).

If we are talking about a LAN, then either on CFPs installation or on detection of the LAN (after installation), CFP would prompt you & ask if you wanted to share that particular network. If you said “Yes”, CFP would set-up Global Rules to allow unfettered LAN access across that network (file sharing, printers, etc…). If you said “No”, then CFP would not do anything and, by default, file sharing (along with everything else you’d expect to happen over a LAN) would not be allowed.

So, I think the File Sharing option in Vista should be grayed-out. But, given the way CFP works (or probably any other 3rd party firewall for that matter) it will not allow (by default) File Sharing over the Internet. If this is your concern, you could probably verify that at GRC’s Shields-Up.

I hope that helps.