Configuring my email client to use the Certificate

:BNC First I am very happy to join this forum. I read just about all of the welcoming but informative messages from the CEO.

I was already received the Email certificate but came to a standstill when my version of Microsoft Outlook was not listed. So I don’t know what to do. If sure hope this is okay, but the quickest way to show you is for you to click on this.

I have Microsoft Outlook 2007 which is not in the list. What should I do? :-\




Take a look at this, see if it helps:


Thank you. I clicked on the link and I see directions and diagrams of what I think the settings should look like. But I am not sure.

What I mean is, for example in the first diagram, in the first section, there is a check mark in the 3rd box and then in the very last section there is a check mark in the second box.

Is that just an example or should I be putting the check marks in the same boxes I see in the diagrams


These are screenshots as everything should be.

I would set up as per the diagrams.



I do not have the 256 bit AES option under the settings button. That is the only difference in my settings and I can’t send an encrypted message. How do I get the 256 Bit option installed. Thank you.


Please submit a ticket to support to see if they have any further info.