Configuring for BOINC


How can I configure the firewall and defense+ to automatically consider all BOINC ( applications as safe? They regularly /download/use updated executables and I currently have both set on Training Mode permanently which I don’t think is satisfactory over the long term.

Yikes! :o Turn off training mode now! Training mode is only to be run for short durations because allow rules are created for anything. Including malware!

It could be tricky to do this. I was an alpha tester for BOINC, but I haven’t actually ran it for a few years now. The problem is that as I recall, the names of the project .exe’s have the version number in them, correct? Something like setiathome_4.15.exe or similar? Since you can’t wildcard an application name, I don’t know an easy workaround for either the firewall or Defense+.

You’ll probably need to set up a network zone for the firewall and a custom file group for Defense+.

Edit: Yep, did some looking around and WxMan1 has done just that as he mentions here. Comodo blocking Boinc

I run boinc and they run just fine in the sandbox no need to do anything. Just make sure the main application is not in the sandbox and then you will be fine.


Yes I know leaving them in training mode is dangerous which is why I am looking for a way to have all BOINC executables considered safe automatically.

Did you read WxMan1’s solution that I linked to?