configuring firewall

hello everyone

after instaling comodo firewall i started firefox and comodo ask me to allow or block firefox. i do allow but after that i saw that firefox is allowed on any port and any ip.
after that i changed incoming transmision through the port 80. but next time i ran the fiorefox it ask me something like on port 3586

how can i set the firewall to accept onlz incoming from internet through typical port 80

if i am wrong please explain me it little bit if it is no problem

thx maikki

Make Firefox a web browser in Firewall options.


TCP/UDP connections are duplex. Data can flow both ways within a single connection. It is the initiating side that determines whether connection is outgoing or incoming. If it is you who initiated the connection, then the connection is outgoing. If the connection was initiated by the remote host, it is incoming.

Firefox (like any other web-browser) is the client side of the WWW client-server architecture. As such, it establishes outgoing connection to port 80 (and some other ports, too) of the remote servers, not incoming.

Like Vettetech said already, there is a predefined firewall policy called “Web Browser” that allows outgoing connections to ports most web browsers might address. You should assign that policy to firefox.exe.

The “ on port 3586” you saw is a loopback connection that Firefox uses for it’s normal operation. The “Web Browser” firewall policy allow for that too.