Configuring COMODO

hi, just switched from ZoneAlarm to COMODO, how do i allow a program like firefox to go to the net? becos COMODO always alerts me whenever i start FireFox, even though i put it to rmb the selection.

Currently i put:

Destination: Any
Port: Any
Protocol: TCP/UDP In/Out
Allow invisible connection attempts (whats this actually?)
Learn the parent (Whats this also)

Hi IceAngel89, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What exactly do the prompts say? Maybe you could post a screen shot.

When you select Invisible Connections, you’re in effect telling CFP, that you completely trust this application and you don’t want to receive alerts from it. Personally, unless the application won’t work without this option, I’d set it to ask.

In CFP every application has a parent process. For example, if you have a short cut on your desktop, from which you launch firefox, the parent process is explorer.exe. CFP, by default, monitors the parent application, as part of Application Behaviour Analysis (ABA). The reason for this, is that it’s possible for malware to exploit the parent process and use it to make connections to the Internet. CFP will warn you about this.