configuring comodo version 3 help

OK I loved comodo 2.4 on windows xp , now I have to have comodo version 3 for vista and it is a pain
in the ■■■ , I need help to configure it, every time I install a legitamate program or game or run a virus/spyware
scan I get like 50 pop ups from comodo saying like this program is trying to add this extension or folder blah blah
blah, and it and it annoys me I know its trying to protect me , but I am doing legitimate things with programs
and it bothers the hell out of me , like I want to install a anti spyware 20 pop ups from comodo, what I want
is to only get pop ups from comodo when a program is trying to make an outbound connection (like in version2.4)
so if its a trojan I can block it and delete it with my protection and if its a program I trust I allow and remember setting
can anybody help me configure it like that , because it is seriously annoying.

Make sure you read all the sticky post. There are there to help you better understand how things work. Comodo isnt a PITA if you take the time to learn. See all the posts under important topics where you posted this. Use install mode when installing anything. Comodo cannot delete a trojan only stop it. Thats why you need an av to delete it. Comodo 2.4 and 3.0 are completely 2 different security programs. 2.4 is a stand alone firewall where has 3.0 is a firewall with HIPS.

Look here.

And here for my gaming notes.

And here.

  1. switch to installation mode when installing software or
    choose "treat this application as installer or updater " when CFP alert pops up.

  2. if you want a similar Firewall to V2, there’s option to install CFP3 :
    ==> firewall with leak protection (something like that, i don’t know the exact words)
    :■■■■ good luck

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Hey shin I already told him to use install mode.

He only wanted to exhibit his screenshot with contempt.

Anyway, remember that v3 is Firewall + Full HIPS, whereas v2 is Firewall + Partial HIPS.