Configuring Comodo for Skype

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have had a problem recently with my computer running at 100% CPU while I make videocalls on Skype. It was suggested to me that my Comodo firewall could be causing the problem. I disabled Comodo, and my CPU usage dropped to between 45 and 80% with Skype running. So I’m wondering how to configure Comodo so that it will allow Skype to run effectively, without my CPU running at 100%. I’m new to Comodo, having installed it on a new computer I received at Christmas, and would appreciate clear and simple instructions. :slight_smile:


Make Skype trusted program on both Computer Security Policy (Main screen → Defense + → Advanced) and Network Security Policy (Main screen → Firewall → Advanced).

Does that help?

Thanks, that helped me configure Comodo effectively. Unfortunately, it did not solve my problem of Skype causing my CPU to run at 100%. I uninstalled Comodo, and installed the PCTools firewall, which doesn’t seem as good, but at least I can use Skype now without my computer giving trouble.

that’s all? So simple? Wow… I was expecting something like all those rules for Emule and similars. Are you sure that nothing more is needed. I mean, I have no idea, but, will it be sure?