Configuring Comodo Firewall Pro so that email clients can work properly

I just recently installed CFP on my Windows XP system. I have been unable to get the firewall to allow Outlook 2002 and Mozilla Thunderbird to upload and download email. The applications continue to give me an error that they were “interupted” while trying to access the email servers. I have both set as “trusted application” and as “email clients” in the firewall setup. What am I missing? I’ve used Comodo products on a laptop over a wireless connection with no issues so I’m stumpted. Any help would be welcomed. I’d like to answer my email without having to uninstall the CFP all the time. Thanks in advance. :THNK

Which Comodo 3.x version are you using? Are you using an antivirus like Avast! that acts as a proxy? Change the last default rule under email client to “block and log all” so we can see what isn’t getting through. My email client rules are attached as an example.

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I’m using CFP Ver with Comodo antivirus.