Configuring Comodo Firewall for Adhoc Network?

Hi, i use comodo personal firewall (with Defence disabled) and have a small adhoc network. What is the best configuration to secure my adhoc network? Thanks for any help!

No one can help me?

Can you provide a little more information about the network, please.

Very simple network/LAN. I just want to share my broadband connection via usb wireless, so i can use it on my notebook. I use windows 7 ultimate and create adhoc network with WPA2 password. I want to protect this wireless connection using comodo firewall. Can i block other connection based on IP and mac address? So, although someone has IP as same that is allowed, but comodo will check the mac address too. If do not have same mac address, so comodo will block it.

You should be able to achieve what you need, providing you know which clients you wish to allow through the gateway, and those you wish to block.

When you install CIS on the PC you wish to use for ICS, change the default settings. Remove the default rules found under Application rules (firewall) and set the slider for firewall security level to Custom policy mode. Also change the Alerts for high. Now, when you set-up ICS you should receive some prompts for the new network and some additions to the system process for the new address.

You should then be able to use this information to decide which clients are allowed and which are blocked, either via MAC or IP.

Hope that helps.

Thank you, but how about if i want to filter based on ip and mac address, not just one of them?

For example:

I want to allow / block ip address: which has mac address: 00-01-6C-65-45-AE or some range of ip with a spesific mac address for each ip address?

As you probably know, the MAC address and the IP Address are not necessarily synonymous. The MAC address works at the Data Link Layer and the IP Address works at the Network layer.

A MAC address is commonly assigned my the manufacture of the Network Card, is unique to that card and whilst possible to change, seldom is. An IP Address is assigned either dynamically or manually and can be subject to change.

Unfortunately, the firewall rules in CIS don’t allow for an ‘And’ rule to be created, at least I can think of no way to do so. So you couldn’t, for example, have a rule where:

Block TCP out where MAC address ={} and IP address ={} etc.

Where the MAC Address and the IP Address both refer to the client. You could, however, create a rule where:

Block TCP
Direction OUT
Source Address = MAC address of the client
Destination Address = IP Address of the ICS box

Any use?

Thank you very much! I’ve found best configuration:

Network Zones:
IPv4 Address Range
Mac Address (each of allowed/trusted computer/ IPv4 Address Range)

Global Rules:
Block TCP
Direction IN
Source Address = Network Zones (Exclude)
Destination Address = IP Address of the ICS box

Blocked Zones:
IPv4 Address Range (Outside range of Network Zones)

I don’t know why, but this configuration doesn’t work again (on Global Rules). I can use ip that list on Network Zones using another computer and get connected to the internet. In the first time i setup this configuration, it can block internet connection for another computer that try using ip address on the Network Zones.

Would you mind posting some screen shots of the rules and zones you’ve created.