Configuring CIS for Max Security with Zero Alerts - Simplified by 3xist.

Part 1:

Hello Comodo Forum Community!

On behalf of the Comodo Forum Moderators, And also the community - I am going to explain, In the simplest possible way, How to configure the Comodo Internet Security software for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts.

Before you do this, We need to make sure “Safety first” and be sure if this configuration isn’t to your liking, if something goes wrong, We can restore to a previous state, and we need to make sure your system is clean.

  1. Please be sure to download and install the latest COMODO Internet Security version (version 3.10.102363.531) here. - This is a direct download.
  2. Make sure your PC is Clean of Malware!
  3. Make sure you create a System Restore point (For Windows XP and for Windows Vista).
  4. Be sure to backup your system/data!

Now that we have checked that your machine is clean of malware, you have created a system restore point and have a created a image of your system using Comodo Backup, We can now Configure Comodo Internet Security for Maximum Security with ZERO Alerts.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, Switch to “Proactive Security” Configuration, By right clicking the CIS tray icon and choosing “Configuration”. Alternatively, you can navigate via CIS main GUI Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations>Activate COMODO - Proactive Security
  2. Make sure Firewall is set to “Safe Mode”, Defense+ is set to “Clean PC Mode”, Antivirus is set to “Stateful”
  3. Navigate to Miscellaneous>Manage My Configurations Export your Internet Security Configuration, and import it as “Install/Uninstall” Configuration"
  4. In the same Miscellaneous Tab, Navigate to Settings>Parental Control and set a password, Enable the password protection to suppress All 3 boxes (Defense+, Firewall and Anti virus). Click OK when done.

NOTE: There is a Parental Control bug with the latest version where it is not taking effect, Here is a work around to go around it:

  1. Navigate back to Parental Control.
  2. Check “Enable the password protection for the settings”
  3. Check all 3 boxes, And then UNCHECK “Enable the password protection for the settings” So the Suppress Boxes are Greyed out. Click OK then go back into Parent Mode window.
  4. Now, Recheck “Enable the password protection for the settings” - You will be prompted to create a password again, Please do the same password you previously typed in. Now click OK when done. Now Parental Control will be enabled and will take affect this way.

That’s it! Everything already on your machine will be automatically aloud, Including Network connections of applications and execution of applications. But anything NEW introduced will be automatically blocked by CIS, If you want to install something new, or uninstall a software, You simply switch to “Install/Uninstall” Configuration to do this so you can allow the Alerts to install/uninstall the software, Then switch back to Proactive Security/Parental Control. :slight_smile:


Part 2:


  1. Why do we need “Install/Uninstall” Configuration? And since Network Defense is in Safe Mode, Won’t my applications network connections fail? (Example: Auto updates?) The Install/Uninstall Configuration is used to successfully uninstall your current applications, and install any new applications you know and trust successfully. You WILL be Alerted when installing applications, This is based on the “Internet Security” Configuration. You can also use this, If for some reason for the programs in your computer fail to do updates, You can also switch to this configuration to enable those updates to work then switch back. The Alternative for Updating applications automatically is to put Network Defense in “Training Mode” to TRAIN your applications network, Then switching back to Proactive/Parental Control.

  2. Why do we need to set Defense+ to “Clean PC Mode?” This to make sure your current applications currently installed on your computer run fine with Zero Alerts, And any new ones are blocked with zero Alerts - UNLESS you know that program and switch to your “Install/Uninstall” Configuration" to install that software.

  3. So? What is the point of this is?

[i]To ensure that…

  1. Your programs run on your PC with Zero Alerts successfully.
  2. Any new programs introduced are automatically blocked (Malware).
  3. To ensure that, if you want to install a new program, you switch to “install/uninstall” configuration to successfully install that program (based on internet security configuration") - Keeping in mind to switch back to Proactive/Parental Control Configuration.[/i]

I will ALSO suggest people don’t Suppress Antivirus Alerts. (Just a small tip) - So you still see detection Alerts, But being sure prevention (Defense+ & Firewall) denies the rest.