Configuring CIS for Max Security with Zero Alerts - Discussion

Configurng CIS for Max Security with Zero Alerts

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This is more or less what I do on my two computers.

I use safe mode for my install configuration. This stops new programs from being added to “my pending files”.
It would be better if you could just turn off “my pending files” during installation.

Though I appreciate the guide I question why you would suggest “4. Create an Image of your System using Comodo Backup 2 Release Candidate” while the software is still in beta testing. Wouldn’t it be wise to wait till a final product comes out with all the fixes available before suggesting this step?

I’ll change that now. Thanks.


Having two issues with this and one i dont understand.

issues 1

I dont but running in vista you say export my internet security settings well i cant save the config file because vista says i need admin rights i tried run as adminastrator and its a no go.

issue 2

you say export my install/install configeration file well how and where?

i dont know if it just me but i dont understand that point and time what im to do please explain in detail if you would thank you


issue 1:

Can you try SAVING as admin?

issue 2:

You need to EXPORT your “Internet Security” Configuration (Miscellaneous>Manage my Configurations) from there. Then import it again and rename it as “COMODO - Install/Update”

For issue 1, I don’t use Vista so I’m sorry, if my suggestion does not work, I’ll get a Mod or community member that works with Vista to help you.


Yeah now its just a point to get vista to allow me to save the config file because it says i need to obtain i tried to as Administrator and still same issue.

thank you tho.

This works for me but not everyone shutdown CIS gui, right click CIS shortcut choose Run as Adminstrator this can be done in Limited or Admin account.

If this does not work you have to disable UAC when you want to export your configuration.


I like to suppress alerts but I do not need the password protection feature.
I wish the alerts suppression feature be separated from password protection in the future.

With this configuration, how possible is it for someone to get infected with malware assuming they never switch into the install/update mod? Reason I ask is because I have some people who want alot of security without the hassle of learning how to use Defense +.