configure question

can someone let me know how to configure version 5 so the hips is acting like 3.14 “more chatty” only way i have found was setting it to paranoid, and i thought there was a different way to do it, besides that. disabling sandbox doesint seem to do to much. there was a thread on here about it but i cant find it, some help would be appreciated.

Switch to Proactive Security. Enable “Make rules for safe applications” for Firewall and D+. Disabling sandbox is another step. Notch up the Firewall Behaviour Settings to Custom. Up the Firewall Alert Settings. Hope I am not forgetting something.

still not to much hips action, it does detect services being installed but i only had maybe 2 popups installing puran defrag, also seems that that cloud scanner is so ■■■■ good it checks and lists software as safe, so it is pretty hard to get popups. i installed supercleaner for a test funny thing is no popups but i cant seem to find it anywhere in comodo it is not in the logs or in trusted list/unrecognized files. i have it set to what you said, most of it was allready setup, i just had to check create rules for safe apps