configure password prompts for every action

I keep all alerts suppressed for my family’s computers but i don’t want it to prompt them to do a manual scan if they want to however i would like to make cis prompt them for a password before they can chose what to do with detections if Comodo finds anything and prompt them for a password if they try to cancel a scan.

yes i know i can set scheduled scans and automatic quarantine but i would still like to be able to tell Comodo what to password prompt for instead of a pssword prompt for all or nothing.

also as far as i know Comodo doesn’t require a password to close Comodo from the system tray even if the password protection is on. that is a big problem. also it would be nice if i could configure how to make the exit option show. for example in deep freeze you have to hold shift and double click on the icon in the system tray to show the exit option. i would like to be able to do this with Comodo

I would like to see comodo asking for password to cancel a scan rather than starting a scan.

Presently it asks for password when user tries to start a scan and does not ask for a password if someone accidentally or intentionally cancels a scan.

nice addition to what i was saying. i’ll add that in

Can we expect this to happen in the next version?