Configure, P2P and questions

Hi :),
I’m new with this Comodo firewall, I’m just wondering if there’s something specific that we have to configure before using this firewall?

I tried various test, to see if everything was working fine, it blocked those bad things, but is it normal that in the front page it is still written “The Firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempt(s) so far” ?

If I have to download something using P2P, do I have to do something with the firewall? or will he accept it automatically?

For the Security mode, what is exactly “Train in safe mode”? and in the Defense+ section, what is the difference between all those level of defense?

Thanks in advance! ;D

It have been nearly 1 week, but it is still written “The Firewall has blocked 0 intrusion attempt(s) so far”, it is normal?

Hi Nokpa, welcome to the forum, ashes to ashes, long live rock and so forth ;D

Configure? The help file is where I learned a great wealth of info when I first transitioned to version 3, although it can get very detailed and technical. The defaults are sufficient for the average user. I myself haven’t really changed any of the Defense+ rules since I’m not experienced with HIPS technology, but on the Firewall side, I had to add/change rules to get uTorrent working: - Check out the FAQ board. It does wonders sometimes. Believe me.

As for the “intrusion attempts”. If it’s showing 0 all this time this means you didn’t set CFP to log any blocked rules. You must’ve disabled logging somewhere.

ok thanks! (R)