Configure newest utorrent (UDP tracker)

Ok, lets see.

I’ve had a look at Pandlouk guide.

utorrent now supports UDP trackers. Example of an UDP tracker: udp://

With that guide, if I’m not wrong, UDP trackers will never work. THAT’S THE IMPORTANT CUESTION!

I’m not sure if the trackers, such as ‘’ will work. Will it? Does it always go from ports 1025-65535 to port 3218, never from ports 1-1024 to port 3218?

Does tracker ‘’ always go from ports 1025-65535 to port 80, never from ports 1-1024 to port 80?

So, the cuestion is… Do I have to do a personal rule for each tracker I have, may it be UDP or TCP?

Now that I see, theres another UDP tracker that makes me think more.

Do UDP trackers always go from ‘the port of utorrent’ to the port of the tracker? Rule 3 (Guide) → Example: udp://

Easiest way to see if the rule is in the way is to temporarily change the uTorrent rule to Trusted and see if that helps or not.

I run with these rules using BitTorrent. The only change I made was to remove ‘ask’ from rule 4, making it an allow rule, but keeping the logging on.
Works very good.
Torrents are tracked.