Configure My Network Zone

I supose it’s not very difficult but I don’t know how to do it.

I’m behind a modem router wifi. With ZoneAlarm, I had to add my DNS’s and DHCP Server and loopback (

Right now I only have in My Network Zone:

IP in [ /]

Which is my internal IP with netmask, I think.

So what should I add or modify???

Thanks. :THNK

Is my question strange or not clear?

I say this because I notice that my DNS’s are being blocked. One of the applications that I noticed that this is happening is utorrent.

Are you using some kind of custom dns application?

I use a fixed set of DNS servers, so set up a Zone called DNS with their IP addresses in it. Then, for Browser Client, FTP Client, eMail Client (don’t use utorrent but probably needs it too) added a rule

Allow DNS Requests
DNS Zone

Are there other computers in your network that need to talk to each other, or are you just accessing the internet using wifi and your modem/router, with your router as the DHCP server? If you are just going to the internet, you don’t need to specify a network zone.

Thanks sded.

I did what you said for the DNS’s and it worked. But I still have other IP’s that are blocked. I left an image. I think these IP’s are from the modem/router/wifi. I only use my computer to get internet. We are 4 people that use this hardware, but no LAN.


OK, I managed to get rid of disabling “Activate UPnP portmapping” in uTorrent settings->Connections. So I only have left, which I think is my DHCP Server.

Any thoughts? :THNK

If they are not causing you any problems, leave them blocked. Turn off the logging if you like. Routers like to talk to everyone on the network, but I often use open wifi routers and simply block all this stuff and it works fine. We are connected like you, 3 computers independently using the internet through a wireless router. Let us know if something doesn’t work. :slight_smile:

Right now, its not causing any problem.

With utorrent I’ve managed to stop loggings. I’ve achieved it this way:

  • Disabling “Enable UPnP port mapping”
  • Disabling “Enable NAT - PMP port mapping”
  • Disabling “Enable Local Peer Discovery”

So right now, no problems with utorrent.

But the big question is, disabling this, is utorrent going to work slower??
Anyone that knows it can answer, please.

geko. :THNK