configure firewall with command line & automatic updates


I’ve got 2 questions:

  • is it possible to load predefined firewall settings with CLI?
  • is it possible to configure “Updates host” to my own?


There is no CLI for the firewall. What do you mean with “to configure “Updates host” to my own?”. What do you want to use it for?

Offline DB updates on networked machines?

It is possible to update other computers on your LAN on your main computer. This is what the Help tell us:

If you are connected to a local network and the CIS program updates are available any of the other computers in your network, you can type the IP address of the host in this text box. CIS will automatically check the host specified here and download the updates from the host even when you are offline.


Thanks for the replay.

And yes this is what I want to achieve, but how to do it step by step?

  • Should it be http server
  • or can it be simple share?


I have never tried this at home. From the Help I understand it is as easy as filling the IP address of the computer that will be the updater; that would probably be something like