Configure firewall for Windows Media shareing

I upgraded to Windows 10 (clean install) and sill me forgot to backup my firewall rules list.
Well, now I want to re-configure Windows Media Player to share media over my network, but only allow the specific ports that are required. Microsoft no longer provides this information, and I just got out of a two hour chat with them with the end being that they consider it a security risk to provide that information. 88) >:(
Does anyone happen to have that information? I don’t need anything machine specific, just the ports, connection type (TCP/UDP), and connection direction.

You could just trust your local network using the manage networks task, but I do know at least TCP destination port 2869 incoming should be allowed for UPnP. Or you could enable logging for the global block rule and see what ports are blocked when you try to use WMP sharing. Also open windows firewall with advanced security and go to inbound rules and see the rules set for windows media player network sharing service. Use destination port in cfw where the windows firewall rule says local port.