Configure Comodo firewall setting to work with Avast

Hello. I’m a newbie in Comodo :P0l
My PC is running Windows 7 x86.
I am using Avast Free and Mbam Pro both in realtime protection. Today I installed Comodo Firewall with it’s default setting. But after the installation I saw that it does not fully function as if I use the Comodo IS (I mean the setting in Firewall tab and Defend+ tab is not full as when I use Comodo IS)
This is my default Comodo Firewall setting Snapshot:

Do I need to configure any thing?
Thanks and regards! :a0

I would recommend configuring it following the advice I give in my article.

Thanks Chiron, your article is really helpful. I had just configured following your advice in the “Configure Firewall” section, but I can’t find any configure to “General seting” tab and “Sandbox setting” tab in “Defend+ Setting”. My default setting look like this, do I need to configure any thing else?

Thanks in advance! :a0

Did you switch to proactive security?

Hi Chiron, I use “Firewall Security” :a0

Making security programs work with CIS.

Shouldn’t we also add the “Users” folder to the “protected files & folders” list? This way %appdata% gets protected (e.g. firefox/thunderbird/skype/msn password) and malware also often tries to write itself into the user folder or %appdata% ?