Okay, maybe I’m missing something… I’ve looked/searched the help file and on here to no avail.

How do you “deactivate” a configuration? In theory, according to the instructions you could delete all but one. (Since there is no obvious deactivation and only one is active at a time.) Right now mine is “stuck” on updated-updated-updated. (From the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. Dept.)

How do you get these back entirely if you delete them? Reinstall?


If I understand correctly, you wish to change configurations? if so simply click the one you wish and click Activate.

Well actually I deleted them all except for the update, hence my second question. There are no more to select so it’s stuck on that one…

I had accidentally selected one of them in the menu and was going to delete them altogether. I thought after deleting them all the last would become removable. This of course was wrong. ;D It was a one way path to fail.


Luckily there are back ups of the standard profiles. Choose to import a configuration and navigate to the CIS installation folder. There you will find the original profiles. Import the one(s) you want and give them a proper name.

Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile: