Configurations [RESOLVED]

I’m running CIS Version 3.8.65951.477. The firewall only was installed during setup. Defense+ is enabled. I chose default Optimum Proactive Defense during setup. Installation AV scan came up clean. FW and D+ are both in Safe Mode now. Having no problems. I have 2 questions, however. When I right click my tray icon, my configuration says Firewall Security.

  1. There are FIVE preset configs on the list, despite the fact that only the first four are discussed on the Help screens. The fifth one reads: COMODO - Optimum Security - Updated. This option is not explained in Help screens. And if I chose “Optimum Proactive Defense” at setup, shouldn’t the Optimum Security config be showing as my current config (and not FW Security as it shows presently)? Can someone tell me what this Optimum Security - Updated configuration is? What am I not getting here?

  2. Per Help screens, Proactive Security has greater protection, I assume monitoring more areas, keyboard, monitor, COM areas the other configs do NOT monitor. But I assume this security config comes with a cost: more D+ popups, right? I think I’d like to try this setting to see if the additional alerts are bothersome or not. Can I switch to Proactive Security configuration at will, merely by clicking that choice on the configuration list & a reboot? Or must I uninstall/reinstall CIS to implement that change? And if I find I’m unhappy with the frequency of alerts in Proactive Security mode, can I easily switch back to FW Security the same way?


You can switch between different configurations by just selecting and rebooting. No (un)installs required. :slight_smile:

Sorry, not sure about your first question. I’ve never heard of that configuration.

Thanks for the quick reply. I’m glad the switching back and forth between configs is so easy. That Optimum Security - Updated configuration is not only on my right-click configuration list, but it also appears on my Manage Configurations, Export listing to choose from. Strange. Maybe it’s a remnant from an earlier version of CPF before its CIS reincarnation? Dunno, that’s why I’m asking.

Hmmmmm. Now that I think about it, I may know where that configuration entry came from. Recently I had to reformat and reinstall the OS and all programs. My old Comodo FWP had a configuration called Optimum Security, and I remember now I imported that configuration and rules into my newly downloaded CIS when I reinstalled Comodo (which imported very little, I might add). It was all I had and I was trying not to have to creats all my rules from scratch. That IMPORT must be where that listed item came from! Comodo thought it was some custom configuration and added it to the list. So I think I can just delete this configuration, since I’ve done so much tweaking with Comodo rules since then it’s of no use. Thanks for your help.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Only import configurations from the same release/version! :wink:

Glad you worked it out. :slight_smile:

I’ll mark this as resolved. PM an online moderator if you need it reopened.