Configurations not working

Just installed the latest version.

Before doing this I exported the Configurations for AV, D+, FW and CIS.

Then uninstalled the Beta and installed the new version; rebooted.

Imported the Configurations, but there were none of my previous settings, preferences, blocked apps. etc. loaded.

What is the point of managing Configurations if it does nothing.

Just ahd to click OK for Thunderbird - about a dozen times in 2 sessions; IE wasn’t blocked by the FW etc.

You need to reboot after importing settings and all will be there from before.

Sorry, should have said: I did reboot after importing Configurations, but some questions are being asked repeatedly, notably of T’bird.
Which part of T’bird access internet, Yes, doesn’t it understand?

I just imported my configurations and didn’t reboot after. All my rules and settings are there. The only thing I had to redo was Trusted Software vendors (all of them).

I’ve just installed this version on another PC. Exported the Configs., imported them, rebooted and D+ asked about everything again!

Perhaps I’m not doing it correctly.

I did everything right and it STILL did not keep my old settings either. :frowning:

OK I have a theory,

Are you going down the list of export and import?
Only export the One config you have set up and are using, and import only that One.

ie: I have been running in Proactive Security, so I export only Proactive Security.
Do my fresh install and then import Only Proactive Security. If I import Firewall or Antivirus
then I would be importing blank configs over top.


I hope that’s the problem as it works flawlessly for me and my OS is same as giraffe.


That certainly seems the logical way to do it, but I’d tried it before and it didn’t work so I did all 4 - and that didn’t work!

Anyway, we’re taking the new PC to install today. The user is inexperienced, especially on line (he uses a PC at work, but it’s in a forensic lab so no connections allowed), so I’ll be expecting plenty of calls!

This is exactly what I did - no luck.