configuration window opening on startup

Hi, I have the latest version firewall and after updating a couple of weeks ago, every time I start my computer, the Comodo configuration window opens.
How do I stop this behaviour?
There is nothing in my startup folder, nothing in msconfig.

Thank you.

Can you take a screenshot of the config. window?

If you don’t know how, see this topic:

Am at work atm, but the window is the same as the one that comes up when you right click on the system tray and select the first (top) option.
I will take a screenie when I get home.

I am having exactly the same problem.

hmmm. a few people are having this problem. i think it’s usually b/c of the double entry of cfp in msconfig…

It could be related to this issue or otherwise, You can get rid one of the double entries on startup: Start>Run>msconfig>startup.



I’ve got the same irritating situation.

I’ve used the description using msconfig and removed one of the entries.

I rebooted and the screen did not come up. I still have to verify that this does not happen after a cold boot in the morning.

Questions: what causes the 2 entries? Are both possibly necessary? Will I forfeit functionality if I remove one of them as the text label is different? ???

Is it possible that an update accidentally created a new registry entry causing this behaviour?

Thanks for any ideas/pointers/hints/suggestions…


The fix in that link appears to have cured mine. Thanks.

It’s an issue SOME people have when users upgrade from CFP to CIS 3.5.5x, And something triggers the double entries to appear on Startup.