'Configuration' tray menu -- some clarification please

After setting rules for a number of applications in Network Security Policy, I noticed that I left the Configuration tray menu on Internet Security. After switching to Proactive Security I saw that my custom application rules were gone with this setting.
Is there a way to import application rules created in Internet Security into Proactive Security (to avoid having to re-create all rules)?
Or am I missing something obvious?

As far as I know you will have to recreate. I remember having to recreate stuff.

Thank you.
That’s a pity; it would ne nice to be able to lift rules from one security setting and insert them in another.

Each configuration is separate and every time you switch between, yes you will lose your previous rules for the other configuration. They are all 4 default configurations, with different settings. Proactive Security activates full D+.


I think that what your looking for is,
Right click on tray icon select Manage My Configurations
You can Export Import etc. your configurations.
You could at least export your custom setting for whatever mode you are in.
Change modes and if it doesn’t work out Import your previous mode customized the way it was.

I know it’s not quite taking settings from mode to mode but at least if you thought of them as
profiles, you would only have to build each one you use only once.
It would save a lot of work if you are a tinkerer. If you get one way out to lunch.
Just load the default from the tray icon.


Thanks, that explains it.

Bad Frogger,
Thank you.

you would only have to build each one you use only once
I have never used a HIPS before, but I'd think network rules are well separated internally from the intrusion prevention part. I'd love to see Comodo enabling the user to export/import rules on a per application basis even between policies, since as things now stand, a lot is probably duplicated (er even quadruplicated).