configuration settings

Hi need some help here.
I have 2 computers ,both run xp sp3
both installed free version comodo firewall
both builds same 3.9.95478.509
on one computer…click on task bar and get choice of settings firewall,antivirus,proactive,internet,network,optimum have set to optimum.
on the other computer only have firewall,antivirus,internet,proactive
why the difference …and how do I get them to be the same

From What You Have Explained, I Guess The Choice “Optimum” Is A Custom Configuration Created By You. You Can Go To Manage My Configuration And Export The Optimum Configuration To A File And Import It Back On The System Where You Don’t Find That Option

Thanks napsterz,
Guess I can, only thing is they are not customised by me at all. Simple install and run comodo, I havn’t altered them at all !

You Are Always Welcome :slight_smile: